My painting practice has been developed in thematic series that are linked formally and conceptually. Several series are ongoing and works from these have been included in both solo and group exhibitions. Selected works from each series are presented here.

Little Deceptions

My recent paintings explore materiality, attraction, physicality and art historical tropes. These paintings evoke the packaging of nature and the commodification of our imaginations, becoming portraits of our culture and of ourselves.

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The title of this exhibition, Familiars, references the spirit guides or animal companions described in folklore dating back to the Middle Ages. I re-imagine these magical guides as enigmatic forms composed of bound, contorted plush toy animals. In my paintings and sculptures these animal guides, our familiars, enter a menacing and dark realm, a surreal mindscape where associations swirl and tumble. As in Grimm's stories, these altered creatures evoke the shadow side - anxiety and menace lurk behind their playful façades.

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Haunted By You

In this exhibition plush toy animals provide the raw material for my work. Bound into impossible relationships they morph into strange atavistic hybrid beings. These paintings and assemblages are inventions, or re-inventions, that reflect an imaginative process of transformation.

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This series includes paintings on paper, board and canvas that explore strange conceptions of animals. Twisted and tied together these plush toys become strange, haunted hybrids.

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This solo exhibition at the Anna Leonowens gallery in Halifax comprised 22 paintings on paper ordered along the visible spectrum of light. Juxtaposing details of Michael Jackson's face with plush toys I explored my interest in identity and transformation. Along with the painting installation I launched my artists' book "The Interview", that features my fictive interview with Michael Jackson after his memorial.

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The Looking Room

Paintings in this exhibition feature people dressed in masks and costumes; game-show sets; and images of startled deer. These diverse subjects allow me to engage with several interconnected themes that touch on identity, ‘human nature’, and our relationship to the natural world.

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Into the Wild

These paintings evoke our complex relationship to animals and the natural world, referencing art, popular culture, mythology and children’s fables. Paintings from this series have been included in numerous exhibitions.

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I based this series on images of women wanted for fraud. Other than this tantalizing clue no further information is offered. The viewer is left to make assumptions based on appearances, and this of course is tricky, as women do not easily fit any of our archetypes of the outlaw.

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The Real Imaginary

Inspired by the spectacular beauty of covert photography these paintings explore the gulf between direct and technologically aided vision. This ongoing series, based on surveillance photographs, was started in 2000.

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These works belong to three different series: "Anonymous", "Journal", and "Breath". Each features portraits of persons either known or anonymous.

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La Foule

The starting point for these paintings are images of crowds disseminated in the media. This is a contemplative, painterly study of an immaterial environment overpopulated by images.

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